A Vision For The Future

The subconscious loves images and emotions. It is very powerful.

I have created a vision board that I have placed on my wall near my desk and on my desktop background.

When these images become familiar to us after repetition each day our subconscious sees them as safe and we are therefore drawn to them.

If we frequently look at negative images, listen to negative words followed by negative language it is highly likely that you will be drawn to the negative.

What? I hear you say. Yes, you didn’t misread that. Our subconscious is very clever in that it is very powerful to help you fit in with the negative. This would mean that you would sabotage your success to end up miserable, diseased and broke.

So naturally the question would be why is this so? Does this mean my subconscious mind is faulty or broken?
No, it is working exactly as it was designed to do. Our reptilian brain exists to help keep us alive (think fight or flight) and prevents us from thinking logically.We, as a society, are not taught this information. We are programmed to think negatively.

We are reading this with our conscious mind. Isn’t that supposed to protect our subconscious mind? Our subconscious thoughts are roughly 4% whereas our subconscious is around 96%

With this knowledge we can appreciate how much our surroundings influence us.

It is up to us to REJECT the negative and WELCOME the positive. It’s never too late to make those changes.

That leaves us the question

Do you choose a life where you are sick, depressed and broke;


Your best life where you are happy, healthy & wealthy?

We all have a choice.

I am a Certified Self Sabotage Coach and am well versed in assisting others understand this information so they can transform into their best lives

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