Food Is The Best Medicine

Why is it that in today’s day and age that we are apparently the most advanced we have ever been, but that diseases , chronic illness and ill health are rampant and rising at an alarming rate?

It seems everyone is looking for a quick fix, especially when it comes to health. 

We have so many medications available to us, yet it seems that these simply treat a

symptom as in most cases after someone is “cured” they quickly become sick again due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

In reality, even if there is a medicine to “cure” you are not actually addressing the root cause of the problem.

Our best way to defeat and prevent disease is to treat our body correctly.  We do this by exercising, drinking clean water, eating organic food wherever and as much as possible, sleeping well, time alone and meditation alongside positive self-talk.

Our bodies are amazing, and they can defend us from disease, viruses and chronic illness when they are not hindered by toxic chemicals and lifestyles.

The amazing book “Nutritional and Physical Degeneration” by Weston A Price is a must read that explains how unhealthy the modern diet is.  Weston Price who was a well-respected dentist, researcher and scientist who went around the world in 1932 in search of primitive people and tribes who had not yet adopted the modern diet.  His studies found that the health of these individuals was incredible! Their teeth had little to no dental caries, even though they had never used a toothbrush or seen a dentist.  The primitive camps did not have doctors and yet did not have presence of disease.  What he found was that when these primitive people started to adopt modern diets, their health started to rapidly decline.  The incidence of dental caries rose significantly, and their health rapidly declined also – many developed many diseases like tuberculosis.  Also, very interestingly women began to have problems giving birth when they adopted the modern diet.

Why is it then that we still eat so unhealthily even know this information has been known since 1932??

We are far easier to control when we are sick.  The best thing we can do for ourselves, and our families is to buy real organic food as much as possible.  When we consume non-organic conventional food, we ingest all the chemicals within that food – pesticides, fungicides, herbicides etc as well as the food being less nutrient dense.  It pays for itself down the track with your health (fighting disease) and wealth (not needing to see medical doctors and toxic pharmaceuticals) and when organic food satiates you for longer helping you boost your immune system. 

Let’s take back our power now, break free from our unhealthy lifestyles and start living the life that we are meant to live

Below is a short 90 second YouTube video of a Swedish family who have their chemical exposure tested before eating a total organic diet for two weeks – it was again measured after the 2 weeks on the 100% organic diet.  We all need to remember that even though we can’t visibly see chemicals on our food they are present in all conventional food.  Only about 4% of the food produced today is certified organic – meaning that 96% is chemical laden. 

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