My Dogs Ollie & Lexi

For a happy relationship, there’s a lot to learn from our furry friends.  If you’re wondering what kind of dogs they are, they are Cavoodles – a mix of Toy Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 

No matter how bad our day, how stressful our job, no matter how tired we are, just seeing my pups Ollie and Lexi, makes us feel relaxed and loved – isn’t that amazing?

How can an animal have such an effect on us? How can a dog make us forget all of our cares and issues, lift our spirits to completely and make us feel warm and fuzzy.

When we get home they tell us (in their doggie voices) that they’ve missed us and they are do happy to see us.   They wag their tails uncontrollably.

Dogs love us conditionally.  A dog doesn’t just love us because we do something they like, feed them food or treats, let them sleep with us in bed.  They love us anyway.

Dogs never lie! They always tell us the truth.  It’s all in their eyes when they look at you

Dogs are always faithful!  No matter what the circumstances you can always count on your dog to be a loyal and faithful companion.  Can you imagine if this was applied to our human relationships and what might happen?