Self-Sabotage Coaching Sessions

What is self-sabotage?

Self-sabotage is knowing something is wrong but doing it anyway.  There can be many examples of this:

  • Spending your money on something you don’t need
  • Going out to a fast-food restaurant if you are trying to eat healthy
  • Eating the whole block of chocolate or tub of ice-cream
  • Picking a fight with your spouse because things are going too well
  • Speaking negatively about yourself
  • Drinking another drink when you are trying to quit or cut back
  • Choosing to watch TV instead of working out or working on your dreams
  • Buying home workout equipment and then never using it
  • Numbing your pain instead of changing what’s causing it

Cracking your self sabotage code:

Self sabotaging behaviour comes from deeply rooted subconscious and unconscious self limiting beliefs that affect your conscious choices.

Through this transformational process you will receive a deep understanding for what drives yourself sabotaging behaviours. I will reveal to you your subconscious and unconscious self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in your life and trigger you to self-sabotage. 

We will then begin to work with these programs, to rewrite the software so to speak.

This is done using hypnotherapy that brings you into a deep theta brain wave state in order for us to release and resolve these deep seated patterns and attachments.

You are then equipped with the necessary tools to continue to strengthen the new programming and neurological pathways laid during our sessions together. This transformational process can be received both remotely via zoom or face to face. If you wish to access your suitability for this program

For bookings please Ceri on 0404 720444