What Pain Is Telling You

We are so afraid of pain that we do our best to avoid it

Painful experiences have so much to teach us.  Pain implies that something is wrong with our lives. 

Pain shows us that we need to take action to change something with how we live – to stop doing certain things and start to do some other things.

Contrary to what some people believe pain isn’t bad.  In fact, pain is our best teacher. 

No doubt you are aware of the situation humanity finds itself in today.  There are more doctors, psychologists, therapists, trainers, dieticians and nutritionists out there today than there ever have been – yet we are the sickest, unfit and unhealthiest we have ever been. 

How many people do you know with pain, dysfunction, stress, depression, anxiety and struggling?

So don’t be afraid of pain – accept it and embrace it!

It does not mean we should be wishing for pain in our lives but instead if we experience pain to sit back and listen to what our body is telling us rather than avoiding it or finding ways to distract yourself. 

Most of us are continuously trying to avoid confronting our pain because we know that if we choose to listen, we might experience tremendous emotional turmoil. 

Instead, we choose to sedate and waste our time distracting ourselves.  We binge watch Netflix, watch TV, buy products, take pills, drink alcohol, take recreational drugs, smoke cigarettes.  We keep doing these things, no matter how stupid or harmful, just so we can avoid a moment of aloneness.

The harsh reality is that unless we are willing to have the courage to listen to the pain teacher, we are never going to overcome it